In Chanitos we are interested in the welfare of our workers in and out of our farms, their families and communities. This is why we implemented the The Social Development Program, which has 3 main axes to improve the quality of life of the communities that are near our production areas. These areas are: Nutrition, Recreation and Environment.


Educational talks:

One of our most important objectives is to promote health and nutrition of children. Our team visits schools in communities in order to raise awareness among children, teachers and parents about the importance of healthy eating. Talks are imparted in a dynamic, interactive and fun way. We spread our message, bring delicious bananas from our farms to share with the children, teachers and parents, and in return we get their joy and smiles.

Cooking workshops:

This is a space for mothers to find a simple and inexpensive way to feed their family with all the necessary nutrients for a balanced diet. We provide basic cooking materials revealing the basic rules of cleaning and help families to have family integration while eating delicious food.

Vegetable Gardens:

We created along with the parents of communities a vegetable garden, to exploit natural resources and soil fertility. We planted a variety of edible plants such as: coriander, mint, avocado, among others. This will make an easier and cheaper access to good nutrition.


Art Workshops:

Art workshops are a healthy and fun way for children to use art as a means of expression and creativity, stimulating their motor and cognitive skills with entertaining and educational visual messages.

Sport activities:

To our team, it is very important to be in constant movement and exercise our body and mind. That is why we organize soccer and basketball tournaments to foster healthy competition and exercise in children and youth in the communities.


Waste management and use of materials:

In a creative way we take advantage of the materials and waste in the communities giving use to those materials that no longer serve, teaching children and adults to make good use of the materials and the proper way to handle waste management. That way we can all recycle and contribute to the improvement of the environment.